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Hottest star on earth

Politics and Nation. Hottest quasars. Never miss a great news story! Betelgeuse is, however, much bigger and brighter. While relatively speaking, it might be a "hot one," in the context of our entire Earth and the universe it resides in, it's not hot at all—not even close.
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List of hottest stars

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The hottest planet yet is twice Jupiter’s size and hot as a star | New Scientist

For in gazing at the Red Spider, we are seeing our future fate. For a stable star, the theoretical upper limit is about 6 billion kelvin. When B. International Business World News.
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Hottest known planet in universe discovered

But deep inside, there's a 27 million degree cauldron. In such cases Planck's law still applies, but the resulting glow will be of a color beyond the range to which our eyes or ordinary telescopes are sensitive. The spectrum of a star can tell us the temperature, size, and composition of the star. Starsof intermediate mass, around one to eight times the heft of the sun, terminatetheir life as an Earth-sizedwhite dwarfs after the exhaustion of their nuclear fuel.
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Different temperatures, and their connection to color through the law of black body radiation, reveal that seemingly distinct phenomena such as ultraviolet light and X-rays are really just parts of the broad electromagnetic spectrum. They start out BIG and get smaller as they grow older! Those blobs have gravity and can put surrounding gas and dust into them. But there is one thing about baby stars you might not expect. In ancient times, it was thought to lie at the point around which the earth spins — as if there were actually a spindle through the earth that stuck into the sky. Watch south african xxx white girls
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